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About Me

I used to believe the reason why I gained almost 100# was because of my job.

Working in HEMS comes with many challenges….long hours, day/night rotations, weekends, holidays, unpredictable shifts, extreme weather/temperatures, vibrations, stress, fatigue, no work life balance, lack emotional support and the list could go on.

I tried working with my Family Practice Doc, Registered Dietician, Therapist, Personal Trainer, and a Wellness Specialist. Most of our time was spent with me explaining my job. They just didn’t “get it”. Their recommendations didn’t fit with my life as a flight paramedic.

Then I found myself counting points, eating bars, drinking shakes, taking diet pills, and trying crazy work out plans. None of these were sustainable financially or long term.

I felt hopeless and frustrated.

One day I stumbled on the podcast The Life Coach School With Brooke Castillo. I became a student of this podcast and Brooke’s program. Using the tools she teaches I lost over 50#.

I felt like what Brooke taught was “the missing link” of why I hadn’t successfully lost the weight in the past.

I became a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach in 2018 through The Life Coach School. I knew that our HEMS industry is greatly underserved with tools for emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing and weight loss tool that would really work for our industry.

My Weight Loss Solutions for Flight Paramedic and Flight Nurses program was designed for us working in the Air Medical industry. I teach the tools I have learned and make them accessible for when we are On Duty and Off.

My goal is to get you from a Tight Flight Suit to Confident & Comfortable in your Flight Suit.

Click on the blue button below to grab my FREE GUIDE to learn the one thing you need to know today to lose weight! On Duty or Off.

Talk soon.

xo.  Valerie