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About Me

I used to believe the reason why I gained almost 100# was because of my job.

Working in HEMS/EMS comes with many challenges….long hours, day/night rotations, weekends, holidays, unpredictable shifts, extreme weather/temperatures, vibrations, stress, fatigue, no work life balance, lack emotional support and the list could go on.

I tried working with my Family Practice Doc, Registered Dietician, Therapist, Personal Trainer, and a Wellness Specialist. Most of our time was spent with me explaining my job. They just didn’t “get it”. Their recommendations didn’t fit with my life as a flight paramedic.

Then I found myself counting points, eating bars, drinking shakes, taking diet pills, and trying crazy work out plans. None of these were sustainable financially or long term.

I felt hopeless and frustrated.

One day I stumbled on the podcast The Life Coach School With Brooke Castillo. I became a student of this podcast and Brooke’s program. Using the tools she teaches I lost over 50#.

I felt like what Brooke taught was “the missing link” of why I hadn’t successfully lost the weight in the past.

I became a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach in 2018 through The Life Coach School. I knew that our HEMS/EMS industry is greatly underserved with tools for emotional, mental, and physical Well Being + Weight Loss tools that would really work for our industry.

The Weight Loss solution I offer is not a diet.  We use science and the brain.  I will teach you how to lose weight the way you will live your life.  Learning to Live Well both on & off duty is the goal.

What makes weight loss so difficult for EMS/HEMS providers is all the challenges I listed above about the job.  I have created tools that will help in each of those areas. Losing weight is not as simple as just eliminating a food group or hitting the gym 5 days per week.

💜  Valerie

PS.  If you are ready to find out more about working one on one with me, please book a free 30 min consult call with me!  No pressure to buy.  Pinky promise. Click HERE to head over to my calendar and find a day and time that work for you.